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Our model is based on efficient, cost effective and lean operation with a specific focus on high quality. This is due to the unique specialty of long-term care hospitals. For example, you don’t need the sophisticated neurosurgery suites, the mega expensive eye laser therapy or the heart bypass surgery floor. Instead, we focus on providing the best ventilation protocols and rehabilitation therapy with all necessary primary care requirements.

  • Lean Model of Operation
    why amc

    Our model is based on lean, efficient, and cost-effective operation with a specific focus on quality. Because we specialize in long-term care, we have no need for sophisticated neurosurgery suites, eye laser therapy machines or entire floors dedicated to surgery. Instead, we focus on providing the best ventilation protocols and rehabilitation therapy with all necessary primary care requirements.

    In most hospitals, the cost of infrastructure necessary to cover these specialties adds to the overall cost per bed. An ICU bed in a specialized hospital costs up to 15,000 SR per day. At AMC, the specialties are eliminated and costs drop drastically.

    The ICU holds the most critical patients in a hospital, and your loved one runs a higher risk of contracting a disease within that environment. Additionally, the large number of patients means the concept of quality rehabilitation gets compromised. These patients should be transferred to a long-term care facility where ventilation services and rehabilitation programs are at the core of the treatment plan. Our goal is to get patients off their machines, feeling better and back home, while still making them feel comfortable for as long as they stay.

  • New Design. New Service.
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    Special attention has been given to our designs in order to give our patients the feeling of being at home. They suffer enough with their disease. The least we can do is provide them with the best available environment. Every patient at AMC is managed by a multi-disciplinary team of intensivists, lung specialists, internists, dieticians, psychiatrists and rehabilitation specialists.

    We provide a weekly report to inform patients and their families about the progress of the past week and the plan for the coming one. We also offer an optional live stream through a secured website to monitor the patient’s room minute-by-minute. A daily schedule will be available through smart phones, tablets and the website in order to avoid visitation while the patient is in a therapy session. Everyone will have daily access to their physicians at all times. We believe in authentic communication built on honesty and transparency.

  • World Leading American Partners
    why amc

    We strive to deliver an exceptionally high quality service to our patients. To ensure that, we have partnered with Houston Methodist Global (HMG). Houston Methodist is one of the largest hospital operators in the U.S. Our goal is to establish American Standards in all our services. Houston Methodist will have significant contribution in pre-operation, commissioning, procedures and quality certifications such as JCI (Joint Commission International).

  • Strategic Reputable Shareholders
    why amc

    Every shareholder at AMC adds unique value to our hospital. Their contribution is not merely limited to financial support. They also participate on the Board of Directors discussing our long-term strategies.

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