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Our Team

  • team member Mamdouh Albaqumi, MD, FASN, FACP

    Founder and CEO, Anfas Medical Care

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  • team member Anas Alhalees, PhD

    CIO, Anfas Medical Care

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  • team member Mohammed Al-Ghonaim, MD, FRCP

    Medical Director, Anfas Medical Care

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  • team member Rakan Ghoth

    Senior Finance Manager, Anfas Medical Care

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  • team member Sara Bakhorji

    Sr Business Development Officer, Anfas Medical Care

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Message from President and CEO

As the founder and leader of AMC, my vision has always been about more than making money. I want to build an enduring healthcare model that people will adopt and emulate. That means our facility will always be trying to strike a balance between profit and social conscience.

I believe the path we are choosing is the best way to reinvent the delivery of healthcare. By increasing the government’s capacity in a cost-effective way, without compromising quality, we can change the manner and efficiency of how patients are treated.

Throughout this journey, we may face many obstacles but we are prepared to make tough choices. As Albert Camus said: “Life is a sum of all your choices.” Large or small, our actions forge the future, and hopefully inspire others along the way. I have no doubt that we are destined to be the foremost provider of long-term healthcare across the Kingdom. We will achieve this goal by being a patient-focused institution which provides healthcare services rather than a healthcare business that serves clients.

We will be cognizant of our successes as well as our failures. Because if either goes unnoticed, it’s the people who matter that get lost in the details. We will always make the effort to be self-aware, not just making the right decisions, but asking why these are the best decisions to make. AMC will never sacrifice quality for the sake of saving costs. We will always reconnect with our constituents (patients, partners, employees, and shareholders) in person. We have to remain real and transparent because that’s what it takes to heal the sick: personal attention.

We set the standards that define us; we will remain proactive, not reactive. That means defining ourselves by sharing our story and providing the proper course of treatment —regardless of consequence.

For our shareholders, I promise that we will do everything we can to ensure our fiscal relationship stays fruitful and that you can be a proud member of the AMC family. You have my word that we are making the right strategic decisions over the long term, which will benefit patients and shareholders alike.

And finally, for our partners, we will keep reinventing ourselves, innovating and adapting to the constantly fluctuating marketplace, without ever compromising our standard of patient care.



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