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About Us

AMC is a specialized hospital dedicated to patients with long term lung problems, requiring mechanical ventilation. We provide an unparalleled standard of quality and service while also integrating the cutting edge in today’s medical technology to serve our patients.

about us


To create an enduring, exceptional health care model and become one of the most recognized and esteemed medical institutions in the world. We are striving to become the undisputed long-term care authority in the Middle East, offering outstanding long-term patient care and many other related services in order to help our patients feel at home during their stay. We will work tirelessly to inspire and nurture our patients in both physical and mental well-being.

The core of our mission is to reinvent the traditional model of delivering healthcare within the Kingdom.


Everything we do is steeped in humanity, respect, and dignity. We believe that a strong sense of compassion, community and responsibility is key to our success. Our patients and their collective experience is the source of our pride.

These are the values that we build our interactions on; interactions with our four primary constituencies: patients, partners, employees, and shareholders.
about us


The healthcare system throughout the Kingdom needs a drastic overhaul. We can begin reforms just by operating more efficiently and reducing costs. AMC is a culture that drives quality, while accelerating managing expenses on an ongoing basis. We are creating an engaging, respectful and honorable culture through a combination of good intentions, meticulous process and deep compassion in everything we do. To deliver the kind of quality care our patients require, we have also developed a sustainable economic model.

Without a profitable business model, any and all objectives we have just aren’t possible.


Our desire has always been to provide exceptional care to our patients, exceed their highest expectations and to establish and maintain their trust in us. Providing our patients with a home environment away from home, we pay attention to every detail; communicating the particulars clearly and directly with patients and their loved ones.

Modern technology has allowed us to redefine the nature of doctor/patient relationships. Live cameras in every room allows families and doctors alike to monitor patients in real time. Furthermore, this streaming service is two-way, allowing for communication and the transmission of vital signs and other patient information. This fundamental shift in medical transparency is a revolutionary development in healthcare. We have integrated this and other innovative technologies into our hospitals to provide our patients and their families with the most up to date care available.

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