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Anfas Medical Care

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IT BEGAN WITH A drive for change, our healthcare system was in need of a breakthrough.

When my mother kept going in and out of the ICU, my doctorate degrees and American boards started feeling useless.

They couldn’t change the fact that my mother was slowly dying. I’d spent so long learning about the human body and yet… I was powerless.

She had an idiopathic lung fibrosis. “Idiopathic” is the word doctors use when we don’t know what’s wrong with a patient. Basically, my mother’s lungs were shutting down for no apparent reason. All we could do was try different treatments, wait and hope. As time went on, her condition deteriorated. She required more and more oxygen—even needing ventilation support.

It was decided that transferring her to a long-term care facility was the best course of action. There, she could receive rehabilitation treatment, the ventilation support she needed to be more comfortable.

Much to my surprise, there weren’t any true long-term care facilities within the entire Kingdom.

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I was stunned that we didn’t have a place to continue the treatment of ICU patients. It’s one of the most essential steps in any long-term health care plan. The doctor in me was furious. The son in me was distraught.

With the lack of such services, the fate of my mother and many patients with similar conditions was restricted to either checking in to the ICU repeatedly (which leads to a higher instance of infections), or to be transferred to other hospitals who claim to provide long-term care.

But having experience of these places, I knew they were nothing more than crowded hospital rooms packed with too many patients, buzzing machines, busy nurses, and noisy visitors. That’s not where I wanted my mother to be. I didn’t become a doctor to watch patients getting treated in this manner: as part of a quota to be filled, rather than lives to be nurtured.

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This experience led me to create Anfas Medical Care (AMC), a facility that could provide long-term health care services, using a personalized and patient-centric approach.

AMC is determined to:

  • Reinvent the way we deliver long-term health care.
  • Elevate the standards and practices that are in dire need of development.
  • Provide a nurturing environment for those who need it most.

AMC believes that with love and compassion, the hospital we are building will become a shining example of what’s possible when we treat patients as human beings, rather than as numbers on a chart.

It will become a place for our families to visit and for patients to live their lives. We want to provide a place to call a home away from home.

If you’d like to learn more about our approach to intimate care, contact us today.

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